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About Your Quality Solutions

Your Quality Solutions, Inc. thrives as a result of our team members who are the greatest asset in our organization.

Our team is formed of individuals from numerous personal and professional backgrounds that come together to provide our customers with the highest standards in the Stormwater industry, from water quality structures, CCTV pipe inspections, precast installations, design to build services and manufacturing products our team stands behind the YQS signature. 

Let us review your plans while they are being developed. With our experience, we often can make suggestions that will result in savings and improve the overall project design.

Our Management Team


Over the years Angela has traveled the world and has witnessed first-hand the negative effects of not having clean water to drink and to cook with. Her main goal in starting Your Quality Solutions was to leave a better world for her children. Being born and raised in Lancaster County Pennsylvania, involved in the Environmental FFA program in school and having traveled many countries, she has learned that we must be wise stewards of what we have been given. As a result having clean water and taking care of the Chesapeake Bay has become a passion and an ultimate goal for herself and the Your Quality Solutions team.


Juan (JC) leads the sales division and is a part of the leadership team. He has been a crucial contact with many local municipalities to help them review their MS4 plans. He has also brought an insight into our maintenance program and has been part of the creative team of our YQS products which have proven to simplify effective stormwater treatment upon what is currently available in the marketplace. Juan Carlos has participated in the New York City Municipal Separate Storm Sewer System Stormwater Advisory Group to create the MS4 plan. He was also involved in the 2017 VUSP Pennsylvania Stormwater Management Symposium.
  • Contech Engineered Solutions CCMP Certification Training
  • NASSCO PACP, MACP AND LACP Certifications
  • StormwaterONE Qualified Compliance Inspector
  • StormwaterONE Qualified Preparer of Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plans
  • Understanding EPA’s NPDES MS4 permit program


Tim is YQS Design and Estimating Manager, his leadership role and approach are to think outside of the box. With the knowledge that no two projects are the same, Tim can determine the most cost effective and efficient way to complete goals and tasks. Over the years, he has had a major role in the development, design, manufacture, and installation of various stormwater BMPs across the Mid-Atlantic region. Now as part of the YQS team he has come full circle and has the opportunity to inspect and maintain the same structures that he was instrumental in creating. With formal education in the architectural technology field, he has a passion for design and applies those fundamentals when consulting with engineers, contractors, and/or property owners.
  • StormwaterONE Qualified Compliance Inspector
  • StormwaterONE Qualified Preparer of Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plans


Keyla has extended experience contributing to the growth of private businesses and non-profit organizations in several states. She oversees the planning and execution of business, financial, legal and human resources policies, under her guidance new team talent and procedures are continually growing.